Monday, April 19, 2010

George Perrou Featured in "Fresh, Hot & Percolated" Art Show at The Original-A Dinerant in Portland, OR


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George Perrou Featured in "Fresh, Hot & Percolated" Art Show at The Original-A Dinerant in Portland, OR

Portland, OR – April 19th, 2010: 

The Original presents a First Thursday opening reception of Mid-Century inspired 
art with "Fresh, Hot & Percolated"

The Original, Portland's downtown destination for all-day dining, renews the spirit 

of diners and supper clubs from the 1950s and 60s by serving up playful variations 
on the era's standards of food, art and design.

Come and enjoy an evening of mid-century art and that much deserved First 

Thursday nightcap. Settle into a spacious booth for a night of conversation and a 
cocktail, or stretch out in our plush retro-luxe banquette for an elegant dinner.

With an innovative and colorful menu of classic favorites in an atmosphere that's 

stylish, sophisticated and cool, The Original honors the past as it listens in on the 
pulse of Portland's adventurous and evolving tastes.

The Original: Eat. Drink. Gather.

The Artists:

El Gato Gomez is the show-name of CZM, a Pittsburgh-based artist with a mad 

passion for mid-century modern design. Her work is a caricature of the modern 
design revolution, and from the premise of encouraging playfulness and wild 
creativity while maintaining the dignity of form and balance.  Vintage cartoons and 
advertising graphics and modern furniture design serve as catalysts to her creative 
process.  CZM has shown in galleries in North Carolina and Pennsylvania.

Joel Pirela is a graphic and custom knife designer from Miami, FL, who translates

mid-century modern furniture, architecture and important figures of the 1950's 
into basic graphic forms to communicate a message where the lines and colors 
speak loudly.  His first Mod graphic was borne of the desire for his daughter to 
learn the names of the designers who he and his wife love so much, so they 
created “The Alphabet of Modern Design” as a teaching tool.

George Perrou’s art is inspired by mid-century animation, and gives nods to Miro, 

Kandinsky and Calder. Perrou's is a style all his own, painting colorful abstractions 
of reality onto the canvas using retro and modern colors in acrylic.  George lives 
and paints in the creative epicenter of Portland, Oregon.

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