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Elroy Artspace Gallery Announces ‘Shipwrecks of Sparta’, a George Perrou Solo Exhibition



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Elroy Artspace Gallery Announces ‘Shipwrecks of Sparta’, a George Perrou Solo Exhibition 

(download the entire 'Shipwrecks of Sparta' George Perrou Solo Show at Elroy Artspace Press Release here) 
Portland, OR (May 4, 2010) — Elroy Artspace Gallery is pleased to announce Shipwrecks of Sparta, a solo exhibition of new works by George Perrou.  In the artist’s first solo exhibition at the gallery, Shipwrecks of Sparta, Perrou builds upon the creative variation marked in his 2009 small piece series - when he introduced ‘distressed’ backgrounds to his popular ‘modscapes’ and unique atomic-age images.  On the experience, the artist said: “Giving the backgrounds a dual-colored effect allows me to infuse a different tonal quality to the paintings.  And the technique works particularly well for this series, adding a worn, aged effect as with an old nautical map which has gotten wet and dried several times and some of the ink has run.

Shipwrecks of Sparta features Perrou’s trademark style of imagery inspired by the cartoons of his baby-boomer youth.  Nostalgic for a time before video games and text messages, Perrou rekindles a childlike sense of wonderment in his paintings, recalling an era when encyclopedia pictures and TV’s Jacques Cousteau brought more questions than answers to the mysteries of dark ocean depths and their theft of cargo and trade ships.  “The 1950's and 60's saw a rise in underwater discovery due to technological advances,” says Perrou, “and art based upon the bottles and other vessels which archeologists brought to the surface found their way into many contemporary homes of the era.”  

Infusing the paintings of these re-claimed cargo with the unique shapes that have come to immediately identify a painting as ‘a Perrou’ brings us generations ahead, and into the mid-century era which he so tactically creates. The now-iconic shapes he uses were created early on in his career and have become Perrou’s trademark, and as Perrou’s direction has evolved his aesthetic remains cohesive.  His canvases consistently feature brightly hued flat colors painted in crisply defined planes of space, forming shapes and optical perspectives clearly separated by impeccably clean, sharp, and precise geometric line-work.

George Perrou’s art is inspired by mid-century animation, and gives nods to Miro, Kandinsky and Calder. Channeling the Hanna-Barbera and Warner Bros. cartoons of his youth, Perrou's is a style all his own, painting colorful abstractions of reality onto the canvas using retro and modern colors in acrylic.  George lives and paints in the creative epicenter of Portland, Oregon.

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